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Janice L. Moore was born in Canada and grew up in Maine. She graduated from Waynflete School (Portland, ME) ,and Sarah Lawrence College, where she focused on painting and photography. She continued her art education in France; first in Provence, then Paris.  After 12 years in New York, she returned to Maine to paint full-time.

Moore has shown her work in traditional gallery settings, and has a particular interest showing in places of healing, as she did at Maine Medical Center. She continues her ongoing exploration of Maine's industrial landscapes, and what the architecture of our usefulness looks like. Moore examines some of the industries that have helped define us, including the Rumford Paper Mill, the Hood and  the B & M plants in Portland, Maine. She has completed a series on some of the Lewiston factories in their various states of use. In addition she's examining our repurposed spaces; how our usefullness can evolve, and what that looks like now. She works from her studio in Freeport, Maine.



"I paint to create a body of work that reflects my own visual, social, and cultural history, and speaks of having grown up in Maine at the turn of the century. I’m examining our transformation as a culture away from an industrial way of life, and what that means for our physical landscapes; our backdrops. I am concentrating on the pattern, texture, and logic of these physical places as they evolve, and the patina that occurs from disuse, alternate use, and nature’s slow reclamation. I think of quilts and dioramas as I compose and execute these paintings that say something about us collectively as we shift  and evolve in our ways of being useful.  I am also examining the impact of obsolescence, both individually and collectively. I am always considering what can be beautiful in all of this, and how the finished piece tells a truth about us that straight forward documentation cannot." -- Janice L. Moore, 2015


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