Some Reliable Truths About Chairs

Some Reliable Truths About Chairs

UMVA Gallery, 516 Congress Street, Portland, ME.

October 5 - November 3, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, October 5, 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

Free and Open to the Public

Gallery Hours are Fridays through Sundays 1-4 pm and by appointment (207-865-4912)


From October 5 through November 3, 2018, the UMVA Gallery will present this exhibition of paintings, photographs, prints, and sculpture by 29 Maine artists including:  


Mark Barnette,  Dave Berrang,  Stephanie Berry,  Andrew Chulyk,  Jonathan Crowe,   Matt Demers,   Harold Garde,   John P. Gardiner,   Gregg Harper,   Pamela Hetherly,   Rabee Kiwan,   Lesley MacVane,   Natasha Mayers,   Allison McKeen,   Janice L. Moore,   Keri Moskowitz,   Jean Noon,   Lauren O’Neal,   Duane Paluska,  Alison Rector,   John Ripton,   Celeste Roberge,   Claire Seidl,   Greg Shattenberg,   Anne Strout,   Barbara Sullivan,   Ann Tracy,   Dave Wade  & Mark Wethli

Some Reliable Truths About Chairs was conceived by independent curator Janice L  Moore who followed her own chair obsession. She saw an opportunity to create this juried exhibit and include the viewpoints of many Maine artists. Robyn Holman, retired art curator for the Atrium Art Gallery at USM's Lewiston Campus served as a guest juror with Moore for this exhibit which reflects a diversity of artistic perspective on a seemingly simple subject. Most artists have used a chair as subject at one time, and some have built entire bodies of work around them. The range and depth in the exhibition illustrates that what seems simple rarely is.

Chairs have the ability to convey meaning. They are defined in relation to their function and the human form. They have purpose. They position us and secure us. They have the ability to signify status and self expression. They are a sum of parts (legs, back, seat) and can intimate the human form. They are honest, as are the works of art presented here. They are singular and universal. They can be celebrated for their absolute truth.