Art review: Chairs take on many meanings in mixed-media show

'Some Reliable Truths About Chairs' features sculpture, painting, collage and photography.

by Dan Kany


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  • Portland Press Herald • May 6, 2018

    “Industrial Maine: Our Other Landscape” is fittingly installed in the Atrium Gallery, a lobby teeming with people at University of Southern Maine’s campus in Lewiston. Curated by painter Janice L. Moore, the show includes 70 works about the state’s industrial landscape. Well, there were 70 works, but that number has dwindled by three; we’ll come back to that. “Industrial Maine” is led by paintings of industrial scenes such as factories and storage tanks, joined by photographs, monotypes, collages, assemblages and sculptures. The show is generally strong with a few blazing bright spots and surprises. It is a bit mixed, but it has the feel of being just a round or two of edits away from a solid standard of excellence. To continue reading, visit
  • The Maine Arts Journal: The UMVA Quarterly • Fall, 2017

    UMVA Members Jo Ann Bianchi, Janice L. Moore, Stephanie Berry and Shelah Horvitz on Regionalism "Regionalism for a painter has an established meaning: it’s painting what an artist lives with, in, and around. I’ve lived and painted in Maine most of my life. My work is specific to my experience here. I’m interested in what’s real and particular about us; namely in the landscapes of our Maine work that speak directly of who we are and how we got here." Read more at
  • MAINE TODAY • September 18, 2017

    As a painter, Janice Moore appreciates the old mill buildings around Maine because of the heroic nature of their edifice: They’re big and beautiful and imposing in an impressive, take-your-breath-away manner. As a Mainer, she’s interested in the mills because of the stories they tell about the state’s culture and history and the people who worked in them. Her latest exhibition, “Structures & Patterns: The Remnants of Our Work” at Museum L-A in Lewiston, brings together her aesthetic appreciation of the mills and her interest in the human stories they tell. On view through Oct. 28, “Structures & Patterns” includes oil paintings of Maine mills by Moore, photographs by Mark Marchesi and artifacts from the mills that are part of the Museum L-A collection. Collectively, the paintings, photos and artifacts help people understand the role of the mills in Maine history and how active they remain as renewed and repurposed structures, oftentimes with an industrial mission.
  • SUN JOURNAL, Lewiston, Maine • July 7, 2017

    "Artist Janice L. Moore and Kevin Callahan of Kimball Street Studios hang pieces of art at Museum L-A for the exhibit, Structures & Patterns: The Remnants of Our Work, in Lewiston on Friday. The show will feature oil paintings of Maine's industrial landscapes by Moore, large format photographs by Mark Marchesi and historical photographs of local mills. "I have been obsessed with industrial artwork as subject matter for many years because we stopped noticing them," said Moore, curator of the show. Paintings and photographs of Lewiston's textile mills, the paper mill in Rumford, the B&M Baked Bean plant in Portland and other industrial landscapes will be featured during the exhibit. "I am thrilled to be able to participate," Moore said. The opening reception is from 5 to 7 p.m. July 15. The exhibit runs through Oct. 28." 
  • MUSEUM L-A • July 2017

    The project -- Structures & Patterns: The Remnants of Our Work is an exhibition and creative economy focused community panel at Museum L-A in Lewiston, ME. The project will begin with the exhibition in July 2017 at Museum L-A and will include a panel in October 2017.
  • Union of Maine Visual Artists, Members Summer Show • July 2017

    The Portland Chapter of the Union of Maine Visual Artists is pleased to announce the UMVA Members’ Summer Show at the UMVA Gallery. The exhibit opens July 7th (5-8 p.m.) during Portland’s First Friday ArtWalk and runs through July 27th. The Gallery is located at CTN (Community Television Network), 516 Congress Street, Portland.
  • MAINE STATE HOUSE • January 2017

    'We Have Everything Now (Gerber Daisies and Bells of Ireland in a snowstorm', Oil on Canvas Office of Honorable Sara Gideon, Speaker of the House, Augusta, ME

    Farm near Reillanne, Oil on Canvas, 20" x 24", 2013 at the Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center, located at the BRIGHAM AND WOMEN'S HOSPITAL, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, BOSTON, MA
  • FREEPORT LIBRARY • October 3 - November 2, 2016

    Solo exhibition on view 'Up the Road/On the Water: Extended Views of Freeport' 10 Library Dr, Freeport, ME
  • ENGINE • February 13 , 2016

    Hill Mill is part of the Rumpus Show, which runs from February 13 through March 18, 2016, at Engine Hours: Tuesday-Friday 1m-6pm & Saturday 11am-4pm 128 Main Street, Biddeford, Maine (207) 370-9130
  • SPACE GALLERY • December 2, 2015 

    Moore's painting, Bean Factory will be on view at Free For All 5 from December 2, 2015 to January 13, 2016 at Space Gallery 538 Congress Street, Portland, Maine for more information contact SPACE:
  • WEX Inc. Exhibition • September 17, 2015

    Janice L. Moore will be exhibiting three paintings in WEX's Inaugural Exhibition, as part of their Arts and Innovation program. Their healthcare & wellness focused exhibition opens October 1, 2015, at Wex's corporate headquarters in South Portland, ME. 
  • BOCA BEACON • March 28, 2014

    Read the article by Jack Short under past press releases.
  • FORECASTER • December 2, 2013

    Maine Medical Center, paintings for sale by Freeport artist Janice L. Moore, portion of proceeds to benefit The Arts at Maine Medical Center, 22 Bramhall St., Portland,